I'm about to hand you a dollar, a tin bucket to put it in,
and directions to a certain well

If you were to lower this bucket down this well, then pull it back up again to find a $10 bill at the bottom of the bucket...

...How many times would you lower this bucket?

Now, hold that thought, because I'm about to show you how to do something EXACTLY like this!!


How To Go From A COMPLETLY Blank Mind, To A Fully Researched, HIGH QUALITY 400 Word Article in
Only 10 Minutes

Aloha! My name is Paulie Ciara, and I know how you feel.

Night and day, you slave away doing your absolute best to make money online. You sink more hours in than most other people do, you are more committed than most other people are, and you work harder than most other people do. But, despite your efforts, the money stoutly refuses to come surging in.


Worse yet, when glancing at the folks who actually make the yacht-loads of money online, you realize they do it while expending just a FRACTION of the effort.

They give HALF the effort, and take ALL the money!

Here's why this is. It's because...

They have an advantage that you DON'T

They Know How To Go From A COMPLETLY Blank Mind, To Amazing, Sellable Content At The Snap of a Finger

In 2 Just Hours, I'll Boost Your Writing Speed By AT LEAST 60%

In fact, I'm SO confident that this will work for you that...

...If I Fail, I'll Give You DOUBLE YOUR MONEY BACK!

Case Study #1:

Subject: Grish. WarriorForum


“It used to take me around 75 - 90 minutes to write an article from scratch.

"The first article I wrote using the exact steps in the course took me 25 min - a huge saving of 50 minutes from my original timing.”

There is only ONE way to make money money online. CONTENT! Think about this for a second.

Look at ANY online marketer who makes the money that you aspire to make. Where would he be without his content? NOWHERE! He would be making the same amount of money that most aspiring internet marketers make -- NOTHING!

Think about the different ways these guys utilize their content to make money.

A. They SELL their content

They make videos with it

C. They make blog posts with it
D. They make reports with it
E. They make autoresponder sequences with it
F. They give it away for free exposure

Here's the MASSIVE advantage that these guys have over you.

They are content creation madmen!

If you aren't a content creating madman, then drop everything else and LEARN this, because THIS is why you are not making the cash you know you deserve.

EVERY person who is attempting to make money online ABSOLUTLY MUST know how to do what I'm about to show you.



...Because the currency of the internet
is the ARTICLE!

A blog post is... check An article

Adsense/CPA minisite content is...

check Several articles
A good autoresponder sequence is... check Several articles
A good video script is... check An article
A product is... check A collection of articles
A free, 8-page giveaway report is... check 5 or 6 articles
Membership content is... check Good, quality articles
Tiny, brandable pdf reports are... check 2 or 3 articles
Launch sequences are... check A series of articles
Affiliate ads are... check Articles


Let me ask you a real quick question...

What would happen if you allowed me to
show you how to conjure up the currency of the internet at the snap of your fingers?


How much money could you make?

bulletclipboard How to write an article in under 10 minutes that you can easily sell for $10. That's $60 per hour!
bulletclipboard How to forget that the “where do I start” trap even exists.
bulletclipboard The bad writer. How he can kick the fanny of a good writer 10 times over just by hitting control-C and control-V (copying and pasting), and filling in a few blanks.
bulletclipboard How to ensure your reader will take action -- before he even gets past your copy/paste introduction.
bulletclipboard How to obliterate the “no content” problem (your number one obstacle for turning your dreams into reality).
bulletclipboard The absolute #1 most important thing that 99% of all article writers do miserably wrong, dooming themselves before they even start writing.
bulletclipboard How to hijack your reader's "buy buttons," and turn them against him -- Something nobody else does, but works every time!
bulletclipboard Two weird ways to attract the eyeballs of your readers like a Berkeley hypnotist.
bulletclipboard Why thinking "what should I write about this" is the absolute, #1 100% WRONG approach.
bulletclipboard Reader action. How to re-ignite it.
bulletclipboard How the terrible writer can write a knockout article simply by repeating 4 weird templates.
bulletclipboard How to forget "writer's block" even exists.
bulletclipboard Why being a horrible writer doesn't matter.
bulletclipboard How to create a $27 product in 3 hours.

Testimonial #1:

From: Grish. WarriorForum


“I used to find article writing the toughest job.

"I used to wonder when writers used to give me quality content in a few minutes... Now I know how they do it!"

Before I delve into the goodies here, let me answer the two questions that are probably hovering at the tip of your tongue:

The answer to your first question:

Yes, You Can Research, Write And Proofread a
High Quality Article in just 10 Minutes.”

The answer to your second question:

No, it Doesn't Have ANYTHING to do With Talent or Ability.”

I can solve a Rubik's Cube. I'm NOT a genius. I’ve just memorized a series of several different movements.

It’s nothing more than a series of movements that an old college buddy of mine taught me.

I can solve a Rubik's Cube because I know a formula, not because I'm a genius.


I can write a high quality article in 10 minutes because I know a formula, not because I’m a particularly amazing writer.

Have you ever faced any of these issues?


The “Where Do I Start Syndrome”

You sit down to a blank text document with a blank mind, and wonder “Where do I start?”


The “Sloppy, 45-Minute Article”

After using the backspace key more than any other key for 45 minutes straight, you end up with a sad article attempt filled with barely passable ramblings.


The “20 Minute Article Rut"

Perhaps you're already an experienced article writer, but you can't seem to be able to shave your writing speed down under 20 minutes.


The “I Can't Write” Myth

“I'm not a writer,” “I failed high school english” etc etc... It doesn't matter. You don't need to be a good writer to be able to do this. It's not about skill, it's about following a super weird formula


“I Hate Writing”

Ah yes, this is hands-down the most common one. Let's not sugar-coat it. Maybe you just hate writing articles, and you just want an easy way out.


“30 Minutes In... And Counting... ”

After half-an hour of fiddling with the keyboard, you look back up at your computer screen to find... exactly what you put there 30 minutes ago. A short introduction phrase, and nothing else.

If you've ever faced any of these issues, then you've come to the right place, because I've got a much BETTER alternative.

1. Watch all my videos, go through the core manuel, and open up my 3 ridiculous templates.


Sit down to your computer with an intentionally blank mind.

3. Go through my break-neck-efficient-2-minute-research phase. From this, you'll have a speed-created outline (2 minutes).
4. Copy, paste, and fill in a few blanks using my 3 repeating templates (6 minutes).
5. Go through my 1-minute-per-400-word proofreading method (1 minute).

Just like that, you've got a stellar article.

Were you doing the math there? That's just 9 minutes, and it gets faster as you get more familiar with it!

Case Study #2:

Subject: Inservo. WarriorForum


“I have purchased yesterday and now I need approx. 20 minutes (overall for the whole process) to produce 650 - 800 words articles...

"Wow, what a great product! This really is worth the few bucks.”

Yes it sounds ridiculous, but it works, and I PROMISE you'll be blown away!

In fact, I'm so confident this will blow your mind, that I'm offering you a double your money back guarantee if it DOESN'T work! (scroll down to the bottom of the page to see more).

Once you become a content creation madman, something will happen...

Your internet
marketing life will be

Pandora's Box Will Be UNLOCKED!!


And once your Pandora's Box has been opened, there's absolutely NO going back!


In ONE hour:

You’ll be able to whip out a handful of stellar articles. Add a few of these to a new minisite, then submit the rest to article directories.

You'll be able to get up before lunch with a brand-new 5 page mini-site you’ve not only created, but also started getting PAYING CLICKS on!


In ONE hour:

You’ll be able to take this handful of articles and assemble 3 or 4 of them into a report that you can give away to build a list. Submit the rest to article directories and get your first subscriber in less than 3 hours!

You'll be able to get up before lunch and look at a brand new business you've completely taken off the ground in just 3 hours!


In ONE hour:

You’ll be able to write 6 or 7 articles, which you'll be able to convert into cold, hard cash by selling them to other marketers. At $6 per article, that's $36 per hour!

If dealing directly with clients isn't your cup of tea, you can assemble them together and sell them as PLR packages.


In ONE hour:

You’ll be able to write 6 articles. Use 3 of these articles to create a short re-brandable report, and include a "resources section" at the end of the report with your affiliate links. Create another report with your remaining 3 articles.

If you do this every day, you'll have 60 re-brandable reports packed with your affiliate links floating about the internet driving an avalanche of traffic.

click ...And if that doesn't pike your interest:

You’ll be able to wake up with a new product idea, whip out 10 or 11 articles and assemble them into a 20-page, low ticket $7 product.

Spend another hour writing another handful of articles. Spend a few minutes submitting them to directories, send an e-mail to your list, and watch your first sale roll in before the afternoon is over! “Concept to completion” within a single day!

With your horizons permanently altered...
You won't have a choice
BUT to make money!

Here's How (And Why) I Formulated These "Stopwatch Article" Secrets.

I used to work as a high quality internet ghostwriter. Over the past two years, I’ve written hundreds, if not thousands of articles for clients.

In fact, if you’re on as many internet marketing lists as I’m on, you probably have a handful of messages in your inbox that were written by me.

When I first started though...


...I faced several BIG problems:

  • It took me around 30 minutes to write a 400-word article.
  • At $6 per article, clients were paying me only $12 an hour.
  • I had rent and monthly expenses to pay.
  • At $12 per hour, I had to type nearly 9 hours a day to meet these living expenses.

...That was when I realized that $12 per hour simply wasn't going to cut it.

I had a VERY REAL reason to learn how to write high quality articles VERY quickly.

I had no choice BUT to nail down a formula...
And that's exactly what I did!

With no other choice left, I bought and poured through every article marketing and writing course I could find.

  • I waded through loads of info-crap, dumped most of it, but kept the nuggets for myself.
  • I started piecing together a general, logical step-by-step system.
  • I applied hours and hours of REAL LIFE APPLICATION to it.
  • I "skinned my knees" and embarrassed myself in front of clients through trial-and-error countless times.
  • FINALLY, I came up with my own perfectly perfected formula.

My FIRST TIME trying this formula, I slashed my writing time by 50%! By the end of the second week, I had set a new record for myself - 8 minutes!

I didn't stop there though. I added to my formula, tweaked it, and applied MORE hours of REAL LIFE APPLICATION to ensure it couldn't possibly be ANY faster or better.

Since then, writing has become a “non-issue” with me. I don't even think about it now. It's in the same category as turning on the pot of coffee in the morning.

I had opened MY OWN pandora's box!


Any article, any report, any blog post, any product... It's all as easy as pie. It just happens, and the money always happens along with it.

It's blown me away, and it's blown everyone else away who I've show this to.

Testimonial #2:

From: "multistreams." WarriorForum


“This "meaty jewel" is packed with the article writing tidbits that we all should have been taught early on in our marketing efforts.

"Anyone who writes NEEDS to utilize a process like this! Stop working so hard and get this one already!"

I'm going to show you an impossible-to-fail way to write high quality articles in under 10 minutes... But this isn't all I'm giving you here!

Here's what else you'll get!

1. Stopwatch Articles 2.0 Core Manual

stopwatch articles 2.0 main cover

  • This is it -- The diamond-mine ability of writing an article in 10 minutes. The "meat" of the program is packed into this fully illustrated, easy-to-follow guide.
  • After discussing how to write the actual articles, we delve into an entire plethora of additional "gold mines."

2. How To Convert A Single Article Into 10 Unique Articles Without Doing Any Additional Thinking Or Researching!1 into 10

  • Instead of writing just one article on a keyword phrase, you'll usually find yourself writing an entire batch of articles on the same, or a similar keyword phrase.

  • This is a little trick I like to use to convert 1 article into 10 WITHOUT having to do ANY additional researching or thinking. No research and no thinking = even less time writing. Yes, that means UNDER 7 minutes!

3. Stopwatch Articles “Passive Learning” Video Course

  • If a picture is worth a thousands words, how many words is a video worth? What about 12 videos?

  • 12 videos of pure content covering all the information in Stopwatch Articles 2.0, including real life examples presented in an an easy-to-digest format.
video course

4. Word-Class Article Headline Swipe-Fileheadline swipe file

  • The greatest article in the world won’t do you an ounce of good UNLESS you get someone to read it. It’s ALL about the title!

  • In this .pdf, I've packed in my all my top-shelf article headlines that I’ve collected over the past several years. This swipe file will generate plenty of ideas to fit every niche you can possibly imagine.

Testimonial #3:

From: "Tina." WarriorForum


This is fantastic information!

"I've been writing for years but have never mastered the 10 minute article. I'm pretty sure I will be mastering it very soon, with the help of your tips!"

Let's get back to the “dollar in a bucket" concept. You see, this isn't just an article writing course...

... It's How To Turn Yourself Into An “Automatic ATM Cash Machine.”

I estimate that the articles I write for my own marketing bring in around $8 a piece within the first 3 months. But, let's be conservative that say that each article you write brings you $6 within the first 3 months.

  1. Set aside 10 minutes each day for the next month.
  2. Spend these 10 minutes writing just ONE article.

Let's do the math. If you wrote ONE 10 minute article per day for the next 30 days, how much money would you have made??

You'd have made $180.

$180 For Just 10 Minutes Worth of Effort!

So..., does that mean I'm asking $180 for Stopwatch Articles??

Well, I'll be honest - This would be a bargain at $180. Especially since Stopwatch Articles will only take you 10 minutes worth of effort for the next month to pay for itself!

At $180, I would be selling you “dollars at a discount.” However, I'm NOT asking you to invest $180 in yourself.

Instead, I'm only asking you to invest $27 in yourself.

$180 in return for a one-time investment of $27? In 30 days, Stopwatch Articles will pay for itself more than 4 times over!

If you were selling these articles for $6 each, and spent a solid hour writing 6 articles, you'd have made $36.

One hour and you'll have pretty much covered the initial investment right there!


Look. If you are already a “decent” writer and can fire off an article in 30 minutes, and if you allow me to show you how to write a HIGHER quality article in 10 minutes... I'd have TRIPLED your writing speed.

Which means... If you WERE making $20 an hour writing articles, you WILL BE making $60 an hour!

You see what I mean about transforming
yourself into an ATM machine!!

I'll be up front with you. I'm not stupid for offering this to you for this amount. In fact, I've got a very good reason for doing this -- I want you to become a customer of mine for life.

If I can PROVE to you that I over-deliver with a REDICILOUS offer that makes you 60% more productive (and 60% more money) in just 2 hours from now, do you think you would be inclined to purchase more from me in the future?

I'm gambling on it, which is why I'm not asking for a larger investment!

Now that I've PROVEN to you that I'm selling you dollars at a discount, I want you to FORGET ALL THAT, because you don't need to think about the investment anyway!!

...Because I'm taking ALL the risk on my own shoulders!!

In the paragraphs above, I've proven to you (not just by my words, but with what others like you have said) that I'm asking you to invest $27 in yourself in return for me showing you how to “turn a $1 bill into a $10 bill.”

However, none of that really matters anyway, because I'm taking ALL the risk on myself by backing this already incredible offer up with not one, but TWO guarantees.

Here's my first guarantee.

30-Day Money Back Guarantee!!

First, I'm backing this with my usual, unconditional, no-questions-asked 30-day money back guarantee.

Take this product and do whatever you want with it. Print it up, highlight the hell out of it, sleep with it under your pillow...

However, If, before 30 days are up, you decide for whatever reason that you don't want this any more, shoot me an e-mail and I'll immediately refund you EVERY PENNY. NO MATTER WHAT.


Second, I'm backing this up with an unusual, EVEN MORE ridiculous guarantee.

I'm so confident that this will raise your productivity by AT LEAST 60%, that I'm going to put MY OWN POCKETBOOK at risk.

30-Day Double-Your-Money-Back Guarantee!

Second, I'm backing this with a ridiculous 30 day, double-your-money-back guarantee!

There's absolutely NO WAY for me to tell you how confident I am in this system. So, instead of telling you, I'm going to "show you" by putting my own wallet on the line.

As you know by now, I've "painted myself into a corner" by promising that in 2 hours, I'll increase your writing speed by AT LEAST 60%.


If I FAIL, I want to pay you for your wasted time.

All you need to do is shoot me an e-mail with two of each article type that you've written, and honestly tell me that your writing speed hasn't increased by AT LEAST 60%.

If you can honestly tell me that, and I recognize the articles as my own, I won't just refund your purchase, I'll give you DOUBLE your money back because I want to pay you for your wasted time.

If Stopwatch Articles Doesn't Increase Your Article Writing Speed By AT LEAST 60%, I Won't Just Refund
Your Purchase, I'll Give You

I'm taking ALL the risk on my own shoulders. In other words, you have absolutely nothing to lose. Whatsoever!

I'm risking everything.
You're risking NOTHING!

Does this sound fair? Sure, I know I'm putting myself at risk, but I'm more than willing to do this because THAT'S just how confident I am that this will blow you away.

1. You know that your article writing speed is about to increase by at least 60%.


You know I'm only asking you to invest $27 in yourself in return for me showing you how to “turn $1 into $10.”


You know that you have nothing to lose, as your investment is protected by not one, but TWO guarantees.

BUT, in case that's not enough for you, I've added some fast-action-bonuses to make this purchase a true no-brainer for you:

I'm Throwing In 4 FAST ACTION Bonuses Just To Sweeten The Deal!


First FAST ACTION bonus:

"Poseidon" Article Marketing Strategy

How a United States Army Captain pulls 5-figures a month working his online business part-time... All while working a full time job!

Not only do I think this is a fantastic product, I feel like it's tailor-crafted to be a perfect companion product to Stopwatch Articles! David Kronk outlines exactly how he's been able to MATCH HIS MILITARY SALARY just with article writing and article marketing, while utilizing just a scant handful of spare hours per week!

  1. This is an extremely solid product that complements "stopwatch articles" perfectly.
  2. The potential here is absolutely incredible, especially if you decide to outsource it.
bonus articles

Second FAST ACTION bonus:

90,000 Pre-written Articles

Yep, that's ninety thousand pre-written articles that are ready and waiting for you to use!

You can use these PLR articles for spinning, creating reports, link wheels, link pyramids, products, bonuses videos, or anything else. They're yours. Do what you want with them.

  1. Great for "get up and go" projects.
  2. Incredible number of articles on a wide range of hot topics including: art, entertainment, business, computers, fashion, finance, technology, food, health, fitness, internet, product reviews, business, family, recreation, education, sports, reference, self improvement, society, writing, speaking, vehicles and more!

Third FAST ACTION bonus:

Lifetime Updates

Anyone who's purchased my products in the past can tell you that I update my products (Hence, Stopwatch Articles 2.0).

  1. If you purchase now, I'll permanently lock you in to receive each and every future update for no further charge.
  2. I'll add your e-mail address to a separate list, and I'll personally give you access to new updates BEFORE they are released to the public!

Fourth FAST ACTION bonus:

Lifetime HIGH PR Backlink Subscription

VALUE: $5 per month.

Your Price: $0. FOR LIFE

If you don't already have my backlink subscription, I'll add you to it for FREE.

Backlinks, as we all know, are the "key" to top search engine rankings. Each Monday, a new, fully-illustrated package of fresh high Page Rank, do-follow backlinks is published and delivered directly to your inbox!

  1. Each of these backlinks are do-follow, and include fully-illustrated step-by-step instructions on how to leave them.
  2. 100% of these backlinks are FREE (For you ONLY).
Here's Why I Keep
Stacking On The Goodies

I know! I just keep stacking on the goodies, and adding to the value!! I'm not crazy for doing this though, I'm doing this for two very real reasons.

First, I like action takers!

If you're on my list, if you have used my backlink packets, or if you have purchased any of my products in the past, I want to REWARD you for taking action. I like being around action takers like you, because of the synergistic we have on each other. In the end, it's fast action takers like us that come out ahead with the most money.

Second, I'm simply doing everything I can to get you to pick this up!

Look. I know this will change your life in the same way that it has changed mine. I've done everything in my power here – I've presented this in an easy-to-follow, impossible-to-fail format. I'm so confident that this will blow you away, I'm putting my own pocket-book at risk with my two ridiculous guarantees.

But, you gotta take advantage of the price now because it's going to go up in the next few hours.

Yes! Please Give Me INSTANT ACCESS To Stopwatch Articles

I Want To Download This Immediately Before
The Price Goes Up!

  1. I understand I'm about to learn how to conjure up the currency of the internet with the snap of a finger.
  2. I understand I'm about to learn how to be able to make money on a whim.
  3. I understand I'm about to learn how to turn myself into a cash-printing ATM machine.
  4. I understand I'll be downloading the entire Stopwatch Articles 2.0 package for a tiny one-time investment of just $27 when I act now!

I also realize I have nothing to lose, since I've got my pocketbook protected by 2 REDICILOUS guarantees if I'm unsatisfied in anyway.

Get It Here for 

Only $27!

Pay Now And Get Immediate Access To "Stopwatch Articles 2.0 "


Imagine that YOU were deciding on the price of this program... What would it be worth to you?

What would YOU invest for this skill that will be in your back pocket for the rest of your life??

Marketers who can do this are playing in the big leagues -- Marketers like Frank Kern, John Reese, Lee Mcintyre... Hell, even me; making money for no reason other than that we can come up with great content as easy as making a pot of coffee.

If you don't learn how to do this, you're never going to play in the big leagues.

In fact, I can't even promise you'll make it beyond T-ball.


So, pick up your copy now before I raise the price, or take away one of the bonuses!

I'll meet you on the other side!

To your success,

-Paulie Ciara

PS. Here's an easy-to-read map of your future if you don't take action. 1. You never make it out of the "Internet Marketing Minor Leagues." 2. You never achieve the big bucks. 3. You will always struggle with something as small as writing an article. 4. You'll never be able to break into the money that you know you deserve.

P.P.S. The price of this offer is going up. Lock in your spot now, or you'll have to pay $100, $200 or more to get in..

P.P.P.S. Remember, I'm taking ALL the risk on my own shoulders with my normal 30-day money-back guarantee, and my ridiculous double-your-money-back guarantee. Your pocket book isn't at risk here. MINE IS.

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